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Checked baggage conditions. Every passenger has a right to checking in baggage free of charge as permitted by his fare class.

The conditions for free transport of baggage are printed on the ticket and differences are found according to the special conditions outlined by the purchased fare, as well as the origin and destination of the flight, which determine whether the “weight system” or “piece system” will be applied.

If no condition is specified, in general terms:

  • With the “weight system”, 30 Kg. are allowed in Business Class and 20Kg. are allowed in Tourist Class, nevertheless, read the conditions printed on your ticket regarding the weight limit that the fare category permits.
  • If the “piece system” is applied, in your ticket it is indicated that the piece concept applies, which normally means that you are allowed a baggage weight limit of 64 Kg., distributed among 2 pieces, each with a 32 Kg. weight limit.

Regardless of the maximum weight limit permitted by the system or excess baggage transported, the maximum weight by piece is 32 Kg. (70 lb.).

This restriction is necessary in order to comply with the regulations in force for the Reduction of Workplace Accidents that apply to baggage handlers. Consequently, in the case that any suitcase exceeds this weight, the suitcase should be repacked by using, if necessary, additional suitcases or travel bags.

In the case that a connecting flight is being made with another company, consult the weight limit that is permitted, since it might differ from the limit permitted by Swiftair. Depending on the agreements between companies, in some cases it might not be possible to check baggage to the final destination.

Children under 2 years of age (infants) are allowed a baggage limit of 10 Kg. Additionally, they are allowed to transport free of charge a cradle or a totally collapsible stroller. In the case that this exceeds the maximum measure and weight permitted in the cabin (maximum 55 x 35 x 25 cm. and 9 Kg.) it can be checked in.

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