Swiftair, more than 20 years flying at your service

About Us

Swiftair is a private airline company that was created in 1986. In that year we began operating with 2 planes offering passenger flights. We experienced continuous growth until the mid ´90s, increasing our number of planes, destinations and operations.

In the last 10 years, Swiftair has continued to grow at an ever greater rate in both cargo and passenger flights, which we began offering in 2002.

Our operation area has evolved. Currently we not only fly in Spain but also all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We also have an aviation company in Greece and a handling company in Morocco.

Our company currently has more than 400 employees and has a fleet of more than 30 planes, which include models such as the Boeing 727 and 737, MD83, ATR72/42, Embraer 120 and Metroliner.

Swiftair is one of the leading charter companies in air freight and passenger operations, whose business is focused on its corporate clients and tour operators who are in charge of managing the final client’s ticketing and cargo.

Swiftair S.A.

Ingeniero Torres Quevedo, 14 | Pol. Ind. “Fin de Semana”
Crta. Madrid/Barcelona Km. 13.100 | 28022 - Madrid
Tel. +34 (91) 748 07 60 | Fax. +34 (91) 748 08 05