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Cargo flights

Swiftair is one of the leading charter companies in air cargo operations whose business is focused on its corporate clients and tour operators who are in charge of managing the final client’s ticketing and cargo.

  • We have an ample fleet of planes with cargo capacities between 1,500 Kg. and 22,000 Kg.
  • We are concessionaires of auto-handling of cargo in the main Spanish airports
  • We work under the full charter licenses ACMI and Wetlease
  • We carry out blocks space agreements in certain routes
  • We fly for the most important world integrators, national postal services and ad-hoc clients
  • We have planes that are palletized and/or "bulk" configured
  • We have a network of routes between the peninsula and the Balearic islands

Swiftair S.A.

Ingeniero Torres Quevedo, 14 | Pol. Ind. “Fin de Semana”
Crta. Madrid/Barcelona Km. 13.100 | 28022 - Madrid
Tel. +34 (91) 748 07 60 | Fax. +34 (91) 748 08 05